ENDAIn Brief

As of 31.12.2019 the holding owns a total of 10 power plants operating on 100% renewable resources and an installed capacity of 180.1 MWe.

ENDA Energy holding Co. (ENDA, Company) was founded on 7 January 1993 in Izmir under the name Enda Energy Production and Distribution Co to solely operate in ventures related to energy. On 29.06.2000, the company name was changed to “Enda Energy Holding Co.” pursuant to the decision taken at the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting which was registered at the Turkish Commercial gazette on 04.09.2000.

Registered under the trading licence number 66068 K 5528 at Izmir Trading Registry, ENDA relocated its headquarters in February 2016 to “Şehit Nevres Bulvarı No: 10 Deren Plaza K:7 Montrö Konak İzmir, Turkey” where it continues its operations.  

ENDA and its logo were registered with the Turkish Patents Institute on 17.10.2007 in the 39th and 40th classifications. On 01.04.2016 the address change and new logo was registered for a period of 10 years.
Together with its subsidiaries, Enda’s main fields of activity and interests as an investor is to trade electricity by developing and investing in energy production projects and operate power plants with a focus on renewable resources in order to produce, sell and trade electricity.

Based on an environmentally friendly and professional administrative approach, ENDA supplies energy produced at its plants to RESM, the Day-Ahead Market (DAM) and via bilateral agreements. Meanwhile, since 2004, ENDA continues sales to Independent Consumers at a professional level which is now handled by ENSAT Electricity Energy Supply Co. that was founded in 2016.

The diversity of renewable resources (dammed HPP, river type HPP, wind and geothermal) across different geographical regions within the holding portfolio enable more balanced power production throughout the year compared to facilities that produce electricity from a single resource influenced by seasonal changes.

As of 31.12.2019, through its affiliated partnerships and subsidiaries, the Holding owns and operates a total of 10 power plants operating on 100% renewable resources and an installed capacity of 180.1 MWe. In terms of installed power distribution our portfolio includes 4 hydro (104 MW), 5 wind (68.6 MW) and 1 geothermal (7.5 MW). Having a portfolio of 100% renewable energy reduces foreign energy dependency and makes it possible to benefit from government purchase guarantees.  

Increasing added value for all its stakeholders is a priority objective for Enda Group. In collaboration with managers and employees from all levels, Enda has been working relentlessly for more than 26 years with the same degree of trust, respect and compassion, and dedication to the objective of creating a long-term asset in scope of our global vision.